MV8 Football Academy is a professional football academy based in Seville, attracting youth players from around the world.

The academy was founded in 2015 by former professional player and now FA A licenced coach Massimo Valenziano. Having coached in many different countries including UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Russia, and worked alongside AC Milan, Massimo created his own Academy to provide the opportunity for young players to train and compete at the Spanish highest level.

Brand Design - MV8 Football Academy


As a brand new academy, MV8 Football Academy needed to break into a busy, European market and very quickly appear as a premium, professional football academy to a worldwide customer base.

A strong brand and highly visible online presence needed to be created to facilitate attracting an immediate intake of new players into the Academy.

MV8 Football Academy Website Design


Veucom worked directly with the Academy founder to understand and develop the proposition and philosophy the Academy needed to promote. The project required us to design for a number of marketing communications disciplines including:

A new brand was created utilising the preferred colours of the Academy founder. The brand design included a new logo that was developed to incorporate a European football theme, the ‘MV8’ insignia and an emotive theme that portrays success, performance and award.

The brand is featured throughout the MV8 Football Academy, from stationery to website and player football kit.

Using the newly created brand, a new website was designed. The first step in the website project was to advise and select a new domain name that was concise and appealed to an international audience. The resulting was chosen. A website design was created and a rigorous optimisation exercise was then put into place to quickly establish and position the new MV8 Football Academy website at the top of Google searches. In conjunction with the Academy founder, several key search terms were identified that included ‘football academy Spain’, ‘Spanish football academy’ and ‘football academy Seville’. All three of these search terms now position MV8 Football Academy as the number 1 result from approximately 2 million results per search term.
To complement the online marketing communications, new collateral was also required for mailing and distributing to visiting Academy prospects, their parents, schools and football clubs around the world. Veucom designed a new 8 page brochure to provide information on the Academy, Facilities, Schooling, Coaches and Staff.

Because of the target market demograph, considerable exposure for a football academy is gained via social media. To fully exploit this marketing platform, Veucom set up various social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Veucom then produced regular promotional assets for use on social media posts to advertise and promote the academy.

MV8 Football Academy Social Media Advertising


As a result of the new brand, website and literature, MV8 Football Academy were able to make an immediate visible impact on the European football academy scene. Within the first three months of launch, the Academy had secured an excellent intake of players for the first academic year. In it’s second year, the Academy doubled it’s intake of players, with many applications generated from the new website.

The new website has performed as an excellent marketing tool with statistics showing:

  • Number 1 Google listing for ‘Spanish Football Academy

  • Website visitors are from 136 different countries

  • Academy players doubled in the second academic year

  • Website generates a high amount of player applications

MV8 Football Academy Brochure Design
At the top of Google listings
from 2 million results returned*
Number of individual countries
that have visited the website
Website page views within
the first year online
Academy intake doubled in the second year of operation

* Search terms ‘Football Academy Spain’, ‘Football Academy Seville’ and ‘Spanish Football Academy’. Data taken from Google Analytics 2017.

“It looks fantastic, you have done a great job, we are really impressed and very happy with the outcome.”

MV8 Football Academy

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