Surface Technology is a leading specialist supplier of high performance surface coatings and metal finishing treatments.

Their coatings protect, enhance and optimise the performance of critical metal components and equipment used in a wide range of industrial applications. They provide their application service and technical expertise from facilities across the UK and a number of international locations, all supported by key industry and customer approvals.


The company had grown by acquisition and retained the many different acquired company names and brands, each offering different services from a number of site locations.

Previously, Surface Technology had engaged a marketing company who had created a range of different logos for each company name in an attempt to create a range of brands. Each company also had a separate website, each with differing designs. The resulting collection of unrelated brand names, designs and websites provided little synergy for the company, contributing to a weakened brand and disjointed marketing communications.

Surface Technology Website Design


Veucom worked with Surface Technology directors and parent company marketing team to create a full rebrand plan and implementation strategy.

After a brand audit was conducted, the decision was taken to dismiss the many company names and brands. Veucom were appointed to create a single brand and identity and apply it across all Surface Technology companies internationally through the creation of consistent marketing communication materials and messaging.

In implementing the new brand design, Veucom created a broad range of marketing communications, including:

A workshop was conducted by Veucom with key staff to facilitate the creation of a new Customer Proposition. The resultant customer proposition ensures a consistent, concise message that is applied across all marketing communication disciplines.

Following the new customer proposition development, work was started on the creation of a new Corporate Identity, with the design of a new logo, colourway and a comprehensive brand guidelines document being produced. The new brand was applied to all areas of the business marketing communications including company stationery, websites, brochures, site signage and interior decor.

Once the new identity had been established, Veucom addressed the problem of the many different looking websites. The decision was made to create a single website for each international territory. Veucom designed a new website featuring a better Content Management System (CMS) and much improved Search Engine Optimisation. Two websites were produced for UK and Australia, each following the same design style but each utilising its own CMS for easily creating local content.

New collateral was required and so Veucom designed a new company brochure, featuring pockets for the insertion of technical sales literature. Designs for datasheets and case studies were also produced, alongside a full complement of stationery and internal communication materials.

Surface Technology regularly undertake conference and exhibition attendance and so designs were produced for a range of exhibition stand designs, banners and display graphics.

Surface Technology Logo Design

The rebrand and new website has seen extremely impressive results from the moment it was launched.

The rebrand and new website has seen extremely impressive results from the moment it was launched.

Increase in the marketing activity generated sales leads
Increase in number of website
page views
Increase in number of website
visitor sessions
Decrease in the bounce rate of
website visitors


As a result of the successful rebrand, Surface Technology underwent an immediate surge in marketing led sales enquiries. Within the first month of launch the rebranded company experienced a 52% increase in marketing activity generated sales leads over the previous month.

The new brand successfully unified a fragmented collection of weak brands, being positively received by customers and employees across all international sites.

The success of the two new websites provided excellent results – despite launching in the usually quiet summer month of August, statistics for the new UK website during the first month online compared to the previous month showed:

  • Number of website visitor sessions increased by 33%

  • Number of website users increased by 26%

  • Number of page views increased by 71%

  • Number of pages viewed per session increased by 82%

  • Average session duration increased by 18%

  • Bounce rate of visitors down by -42%

Surface technology Brochure Design