TAM International manufacture and supply specialist chemicals to the construction industry for waterproofing, leak sealing and repair, along with products for geo-technical building.

A UK based company, TAM International supply their products and services globally via their overseas distributors and facilities.

TAM International Brand Design


TAM International was purchased by Norman Hay plc for £1.7M.

When purchased, the company had a very outdated brand, a confusing customer proposition, a poor web presence and did not engage in sustained marketing activities.

For an international company involved in large infrastructure and construction projects, the company underperformed in brand appeal and exposure to key target markets.

Website Design - TAM International


In realising the potential for TAM International, the new owners Norman Hay plc contacted Veucom to undertake a rebrand exercise. Working closely with the Norman Hay plc chairman, board of directors and TAM International management, Veucom undertook a full rebrand of the company including:

To ensure that TAM International could communicate their specialist offering to a global market, the first stage of the brand creation was to create a new Customer Proposition. Following workshop meetings with the company directors, Veucom created a new Customer Proposition including products and services segmentation.

The Proposition successfully positioned the company and products within the marketplace, creating a more streamlined segmented range of products and services for Waterproofing, leak Sealing, Ground Stabilisation and Building. With a suite of new language websites to be the core marketing tool, the Customer Proposition was created with this in mind, being written to aid SEO and better search engine rankings.

The existing TAM International brand design looked very dated, consisting of a ‘home-made’ logo design with little brand usage and continuity.

Veucom designed a new brand logo and also introduced a change of brand colours. The colour way was selected to represent a substrate (orange) and water (blue) – the brand logo design features two surrounds, one orange and one blue, which are prevented from meeting by the TAM word in between, to represent the waterproofing nature of TAM’s range of products and services.

Once the brand had been established a full range of brand guidelines were produced in a 62 page Brand Identity book for distribution to offices around the world to ensure brand consistency.

Once the brand was established, a suite of websites were designed and developed to serve the global territories TAM International was operating in. A main web portal was devised which linked to different language sites produced for local offices in the UK, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.
On-the-ground sales and service teams had a requirement for all new branded product literature. A suite of new branded product data sheets were designed to be enclosed in a custom printed binder.

Alongside the product literature, a new corporate brochure was also designed.

All TAM products required branded packaging for a range of metal tins through to large industrial sized plastic drums. An extensive programme of packaging artwork was progressed to ensure that all TAM products featured the new brand, which greatly increased brand exposure and recognition to the target markets as they were highly visible during construction projects.

A series of targeted campaigns was undertaken in industry media to promote the products and services of TAM International, which broadened the brand exposure further whilst promoting and increasing sales.
Digital Campaign Design - TAM International
Building Signage - TAM International


The new Customer Proposition and product segmentation immediately conveyed a much improved and easily understood offering to the global market. The Tam message was now consistent around the world, providing the company with a core mantra to use as the company continued a growth plan.

The new Brand Design and colour scheme provided immediate and much improved brand recognition and with a global distribution of guidelines, brand consistency was assured.
As the main marketing and sales vehicle, the new suite of Websites greatly improved website statistics and enquiries were quick to be created. The addition of local language sites vastly improved regional engagement and sales.

The rebrand was a huge success, pitching the company far ahead of rival manufacturers and helping to gain considerable new global sales. The new brand contributed greatly to the company growth and increasing the value. The subsequent acquisition of TAM International by global technology company Nortec was made for approximately £7M just six years after the original £1.7M purchase.

Brand Guide - TAM International
Brand Guide - TAM International
Brand Guide - TAM International
Packaging Design - TAM International
Brochure Design - TAM International

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