Quaker Houghton are listed on the NYSE and are the global leader in industrial process fluids, continually improving and innovating so the world’s steel, aluminum, automotive, aircraft, machinery and industrial parts manufacturers can stay ahead in a changing world.

Quaker Houghton Website Design


A core segment of the Quaker Houghton product offering is fire resistant hydraulic fluids, recognized around the world by major OEMs and customers for their long life and reduced environmental impact that enable improved efficiencies.

To increase brand awareness and sales of all of the fire resistant hydraulic fluid product lines, Quaker Houghton required a new product website to successfully market the segment, replacing their outdated website which was promoting only a sole product brand with limited ease-of-information for their customers.


Veucom worked closely with the Quaker Houghton marketing, corporate and technical teams in the UK, USA and Netherlands to produce a brand new product website that adhered to the company brand guidelines.

The new website featured a full product catalogue that included detailed technical specifications, a new ‘Knowledge Base’ technical information library and a designated customer portal where users can sign in to obtain specific technical material.

The new website has been launched and the ongoing project is currently being produced for the global market with the addition of 7 separate language versions.


The new website is now successfully aligned to the company brand, increasing brand awareness within the target markets.

Using a designated customer area, the website now offers the ability to publish content directly for signed-in users, thereby creating a distinct sense of ownership for customers.

The new call-to-action mechanisms on the website has given customers access to their specific requirement enquiries whilst providing Quaker Houghton with the capability to easily process, capture and reply to their valued customer base, proving to be a valuable targeted marketing tool.